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May 14

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Why Mitt Romney loves America

Apr 12

Heileson says “no” to lobbyists

Mike Simpson has served 13 years in Congress. He likes to refer to himself as “Idaho’s Congressman” and a “conservative.” It’s crucial that voters understand how Simpson’s actions compare with his rhetoric. Additionally, voters need to know that Chick Heileson will do things differently.

When term-limits advocates ran ads opposing Simpson’s initial Congressional run, he ran ads stating that “out-of-state folks” shouldn’t interfere in Idaho’s elections. However, he’s now comfortable with out-of-state money funding his campaigns. In 2010-2011, 77% of Simpson’s contributions originated out-of-state, the bulk from Washington D.C. 

Unlike Simpson, Heileson’s contributions have and will continue to come primarily from Idaho. He will not seek nor accept special-interest money from Washington lobbyists.

Apr 03

How to make an origami boomerang -

Chick Heileson’s 8-year-old grandson demonstrates how to make an origami boomerang.

Chick Heileson running for Congress in Idaho District 2

Chick Heileson, who challenged Simpson in the 2010 primary, has again filed to take on the incumbent congressman. Heilson presents a formidable foe for Simpson, who’s been in the U.S. House for 14 years; In the primary contest between the two Heilson drew 24 percent of the GOP vote.


May 21

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May 20

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May 14

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